The Basics

A denomination is a proper description of a currency amount. it is oftentimes a sub-unit of the currency. for example, traditionally a cent is 1/100th of a particular unit of currency.).

Monero denomination names add SI prefixes after dropping the initial "mo" for ease of use. The smallest unit of Monero is 1 piconero (0.000000000001 XMR).

Denominations of Monero

Name Base 10 Amount
piconero 10^-12 0.000000000001
nanonero 10^-9 0.000000001
micronero 10^-6 0.000001
millinero 10^-3 0.001
centinero 10^-2 0.01
decinero 10^-1 0.1
monero 10^0 1
decanero 10^1 10
hectonero 10^2 100
kilonero 10^3 1,000
meganero 10^6 1,000,000

In-depth Information

Support for input using SI prefixes was added to the Monero codebase on March 3, 2017 by Moneromooo. The smallest unit of Monero (10^-12 XMR) was originally called a tacoshi in honor of user Tacotime, an early Monero contributor and was later renamed for ease of use and consistancy.