Contributing to Monero

Monero is an open source, community driven project. We strive to be a welcoming community. Perhaps you want to contribute?


Ongoing development of the Monero Project is solely supported by donations and sponsors. At this time the project is vastly underfunded, and thus donations are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so by using any of the methods below:

Donating in Monero

You can send XMR donations to, or directly to our Monero donation address - 44AFFq5kSiGBoZ4NMDwYtN18obc8AemS33DBLWs3H7otXft3XjrpDtQGv7SqSsaBYBb98uNbr2VBBEt7f2wfn3RVGQBEP3A

Donating in Bitcoin

You can also send BTC donations to, or directly to our Bitcoin address: 1KTexdemPdxSBcG55heUuTjDRYqbC5ZL8H

Other ways

To donate via credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal, please email the core team at [email protected]

Forum Funding System

Monero utilizes a Forum Funding System (FFS) which encourages people of all backgrounds to be a part of Monero and maybe even get paid for it. Anyone can suggest an idea, ask for funding, and immediately start making the idea happen. As progress is made payments are released and Monero flourishes. You can donate directly to individual projects that you support. Take a look and don't be afraid to jump right in with an idea or a donation.

General Involvement

Join the Community

We're all over the place. Start discussions, ask questions. The more faces we see that are excited about Monero, the more morale increases and the further we push the boundaries of what a cryptocurrency can become. Check out our Hangouts page to see where you can find us.

Attend a Meetup

Talking with people online is nice and all, but sometimes it's enjoyable to chat with people in person. See the list of upcoming events here. If nothing is happening around you, it's easy to start something yourself! Just meet with local enthusiasts at a bar and chat.

Run a Full Node

Run monerod with port 18080 open. This will help your node distribute copies of the blockchain to other nodes on the network.


From the GUI and CLI, there is an option to start mining. This is a great way to protect the decentralization of the network. If you have a powerful graphics card or hope to mine for profit, see more advanced options in the MoneroMining subreddit.


Monero is written in C++, and is looking for coders of all skill levels (from absolute beginner to senior developer) to contribute to the project. The most important things are a desire to learn and a willingness to take direction and correction. If you want to get started, check out our GitHub respositories and check out the outstanding Issues.

If you code in a language other than C++, don't worry, there are libraries in other languages that you can contribute to.