The Monero community is diverse and varied. We come from all over, but we definitely have some places we like to hang out together. You'll find most of them below. Join us!

Workgroup Resources

In an effort to support organic workgroups, Monero has several resources that the community can use to meet and plan projects. Mattermost even has relays into the most popular Monero-related IRC channels.

IRC Channels

The Monero community utilizes a lot of IRC channels that each serve different purposes. Some to work, and some just to hang out. You'll find the more popular ones below.


This channel is used to discuss all things Monero related.


This channel is for the Monero community to congretate and discuss ideas.


The many contributors and developers come here to discuss dev-y things.


We use this channel to talk about the price of Monero and other coins.


Chatting with other Monero users about things not related to Monero.


Over the counter Monero. Come here to purchase XMR from your fellow Moneron.


This is the place for mining questions and discussion.


Research into financial privacy with cryptocurrency.


Localizing Monero into other languages.


Building hardware wallets to keep your Monero safe.