The People Behind Monero

The Monero Core Team

Monero is not governed by any foundation or central body, but ongoing development, maintenance, and research is primarily directed and often funded by a core team of seven individuals.

Five members of the Core Team prefer to stay pseudonymous at this time, but two of them are more public and have revealed their real identities. For ease of reference those two members (Riccardo and Francisco) are at the top of the list below, but beyond that the list is presented in no particular order:

Development Contributors

There have been many individuals that have contributed to the Monero Project; a complete list of which can be found on our Github Contributors page.

Some that have made outstanding contributions include: moneromooo, Thomas Winget, Howard Chu, mikezackles, oranjuice, warptangent, rfree, jakoblind, tomerkon, and anonimal (Kovri).

The Monero Research Lab

The Core Team forms an integral part of the Monero Research Lab, but the researchers, scientists, and academics that are primarily focused on Monero research are listed below. They have chosen to remain pseudonymous for the moment. They are:

Other Contributors

There have been massive contributions to Monero from its inception from so many people, including: zone117x, LucasJones, wolf`, Professor David Andersen, wallet42, Neozaru, Gingeropolous, cAPSLOCK, and many, many others.