Using Monero

Using Monero is easy, and there are a variety of tools and guides available to help newcomers. This page will guide you through the basics.

1. Start Here

Monero is a cryptocurrency that allows anonymous transactions around the world. Monero stands on pillars of security, privacy, and decentralization, and the community and developers are committed to protecting these values. We suggest learning more about how Monero works and reading the What is Monero page. The source code for Monero and all our official clients are available for public view and discussion on Github.

2. Support

Before reading further, it is important to know that there is a large, supportive community that can assist if your run into trouble. If you have questions about anything, no matter how large or small, don't hesitate to ask. We chill in a lot of places, so see our Hangouts page to track us down. Remember, there are no stupid questions, and we are all learning together.

3. Getting a Wallet

You need somewhere to store physical cash such as your bank, your wallet, or under your mattress. Although Monero is an entirely digital asset (you cannot touch them!), you still need a place to store them. This is done in a digital wallet. You oversee securing your own funds, and there is no way to restore them if you make a mistake. Thus, take great care in selecting the right wallet for you. Some are safer and others are more convenient than others. See our downloads page for the wallets that The Monero Project has put out.

4. Getting Monero

Empty wallets are no fun! Let’s get some Monero in there! You can receive Monero from someone else, or purchase some on an exchange. We do not endorse specific services, but you can view the exchanges that support Monero on the Merchants page. Depending on the exchange, you can buy Monero from several currencies including USD, EUR, and Bitcoin. For price speculation and talk, join the active trading discussion at #monero-markets.

5. Transfering Monero

It is typically a poor idea to leave a large amount of money on an exchange. If you manage your wallet properly, it is a much safer place to store your Monero. Learn how to send and receive Monero by viewing our guide, and learn about your risk exposure.

6. Now What?

You now have Monero and know how to use it! Monero, like cash, can be used for many goods and services. For a list of some groups that accept Monero directly, see our Merchants page. Other services make it easy to pay Bitcoin addresses with the privacy of Monero.